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A Useful Way Out to Sell Your Second Hand Bike at Best Price

Are you accompanied by an impulse to sell your Second Hand Bike in order to afford a new one? When it comes to motorcycle sales, alongside traditional dealerships, there are a lot of different ways to make the deal by yourself.

Certainly, going to a dealership to sell the Second Hand Bike bike may be a bit easier but trading it to someone requires some extra work. However, selling your motorcycle directly to the new owner could yield a higher price.

Have you lost the track? Is it that you no longer know where it has exactly ended? In that case, you are welcome here!

Go ahead and read on with the below-included quick list of things to do and keep in mind for your winning bid.

Do your research properly

The very first step is to get on board with sound research. A pre-owner like you must figure out the bike true value so that you can trade it with a suitable sale price.

Conduct your research, getting to know what lying in the same price range as the used ones others are selling. Excessive profit is, of course, something that you want, but you don’t want anyone to simply shop elsewhere because of the unaffordable price. Denote the value of your motorcycle at the time you start to navigate.

Also, look into the matter, if your bike has imperfections related to scratches, dents, missing spare parts, or any maintenance-related issue. Make sure to fix these imperfections first with the help of a professional mechanic before heading towards the two-wheeler resale valuation by using a reliable online platform.

It is necessary to find answers to the question before we finally go live with our listing. An issue that motorcycle owner may confront, for example, is that they may experience difficulty in the establishment of the specific resale value because the bike is custom-made. In this sense, you will give the most emphasis on the price range being targeted and keep the extra money you made above the value chart.

Start doing the Second Hand Bike’s maintenance work 

Before getting to know the value of a Second Hand Bike, you must do the required maintenance work to fix mechanical and electrical issues. You must make sure your bike is in the same condition it is when someone who might want to buy your bike comes by so that you increase your chances of selling it.

First and foremost, clean the motorcycle to get rid of the dirt, dust, and other debris. Reach the end of this art by the cleaning session to delete noticeable places and then by the deep cleaning session. About the areas under the Second Hand Bike seat that seem to be more vulnerable to accumulation of dirt, be more careful about that. Cleaning up poorly or calcium-forming nodes in the battery terminals.

Besides these walks, you’ve also got to make a list of all the things you’ve got to do, and a tune-up comes on top of this. Since a check is all high-rated motorcycle lovers want – you may also head to the mechanic and let a professional influence all the components.

  • Bike’s controls
  • Check for tires
  • Check all the lights
  • Inspect the stands
  • Ensure that the chassis
  • Check for engine oil and other fluids

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Start Posting Ads on Your Motorcycle 

You’ll also desire to capture some snapshots of your motorcycle. Such marketing enables us to catch their attention and break the stereotypical dogma of girls playing with mostly dolls while boys go for something adventurous such as cars and trains.

Capture the interest of potential buyers and showcase your cherished Second Hand Bike in its full splendor. Dark complex picture style versus light behind photography. Attempt to photograph your motorcycle on a day with clear weather to avoid any interference from shadows or poor lighting that could affect the quality of the shot.

Another smart option would be to capture the images of your Second Hand Bike from all angles with those that would emphasize your selling point strongly and to be as open as possible in explaining your plans to potential buyers. Highlight any impressive customizations or accessories on your Second Hand Bike by showcasing them prominently in the listing photos.

Start Working with Buyers 

Of the above principles of transparency, forthrightness, and honesty should be present at the very beginning of the deal- whether it’s online or offline. Even if you have done the service and maintenance work on your motorcycle and are ready to sell the same at an ideal price.

Even so, maintenance receipts and the written evidence of its inspection are likely to be among the first things that buyers would like to see.

In addition, at the initial stage of your work with the buyers, you’ll need to have documents at hand that will help you part ways. Documents of the Second Hand Bike include financing details, proof of ownership, the warranty remaining (if applicable), prior maintenance, and servicing history.

Once you have a confirmed buyer, you’ll need to prepare for the contract agreement visit. You can achieve this by drafting a bill of sale. Being that you will need to transfer the title of your motorcycle to the new owner too a part of financing will be involved.

Every state differs in terms of its requirements for title transfers, so be sure to check out what your state’s regulations are. Make sure you follow any transfer reaching or your state requirements, then ensure to send in the transfer paperwork today.

Concluding Thoughts

The decision to sell your second hand bike after riding the same for many years gives you the chance to lay your hands on a new one. Do the necessary service, maintenance, spare part change, and cleaning work to increase the current resale value of the two-wheeler.

In terms of valuation, make sure to check the Second Hand Bike’s true value at the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform from the very comfort of your home. For those who don’t know, WOT is an online bike valuation platform along with additional features to sell or give the motorcycle for exchange at the best price. So, access this platform to know the current reselling price of your existing motorcycle and make a wise decision accordingly.




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